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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
127 West Jefferson St. - P.O. Box 1035
Jackson, NC 27845

Chamber Business Members

Governmental Agencies

119Northampton County Board of ElectionsGovernmental Agencies
118Northampton County Building Inspector252-534-5171Governmental Agencies
104Northampton County Department of Social Services252-534-5811Governmental Agencies
117Northampton County Economic Development Commission252-534-1092Governmental Agencies
116Northampton County Finance and MIS252-534-5301Governmental Agencies
115Northampton County Health Department252-534-5841Governmental Agencies
114Northampton County Home Health Agency252-534-5841Governmental Agencies
113Northampton County Human Resources252-574-6236Governmental Agencies
112Northampton County Manager252-534-2501Governmental Agencies
110Northampton County Office of the SheriffGovernmental Agencies
109Northampton County Office on Aging252-534-1668Governmental Agencies
108Northampton County Partnership for Children252-534-1656Governmental Agencies
107Northampton County Planning and Zoning252-534-1905Governmental Agencies
106Northampton County Public Works252-534-6341Governmental Agencies
105Northampton County Register of Deeds252-534-2511Governmental Agencies
103Northampton County Tax Administration252-534-4461Governmental Agencies
101Northampton County Veteran Service Office252-705-1452Governmental Agencies