North Carolina's Northeast Alliance, Inc.

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North Carolina’s Northeast Commission is the regional economic development organization for the sixteen counties of North Carolina’s Northeast Region. By promoting the area for new business and assisting with business expansions, the Northeast Commission establishes a climate for job growth and economic improvement of the entire region. By promoting travel and tourism opportunities within the region, we foster an increase visitor awareness of the many natural, historical, cultural and recreational opportunities found throughout North Carolina’s Northeast.

North Carolina’s Northeast Commission can offer business an unbeatable opportunity to charter new growth. We can show your business first-hand the benefits of setting up business in an area where the quality of life, natural beauty, educational support, and strong workforce merge to form an attractive area for relocations and new businesses.

Our sixteen counties offer a central East Coast location that’s within a day’s drive of over half the national consumer markets. Not only is our location ideal, but we offer all the right ingredients to support new and expanding businesses.

Contact Person: Van Rogerson
Street: 119 W. Water Street
City: Edenton
State: North Carolina
Zip: 27932
Phone: 252-482-4333
Website: Website Title